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Go Software Developer

Apply before 6PM (AEDT) on: Saturday, December 12, 2020

Australian Capital Territory


Agency / Department

Geoscience Australia

Experience Level


Employment Type


Expected Rate (inc. Super)

$90 per hour***

Overview and Responsibilities

n experienced Go Developer to provide the following for a set of microservice applications and related libraries, with the goal of ensuring the system as a whole is production ready: - Professional code review and refactoring - System testing patterns - Improved unit and integration test quality - Improved system observability through logging and monitoring Applications are deployed to Kubernetes via CI/CD pipelines.

Essential Criteria

  1. Demonstrated experience writing high quality Go software (particularly microservice applications and system tests)
  2. Experience implementing logging patterns in Go for improving observability of systems
  3. Experience running applications in Kubernetes

Desired Criteria

  1. Experience with MQTT or other pub sub message brokers
  2. Experience with binary data parsing

Security Clearance

None required

Contract Extensions


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