Merlin's Group is comprised of three (3) arms: Recruitment, Technology, and Consultancy. We pride ourselves in taking conscientious steps for each of these arms to ensure the best person and/or product fits the requirement.


The Right Stuff

We believe that every role deserves the right person for the job. A candidate may have impressive qualifications, but do they possess the skills needed to excel in the role and stimulate growth for themselves and the business?

At Merlin's Group, we take additional measures on behalf of your business to ensure the right person is the correct fit for a role. We spend extra time with you to truly understand your business and its needs. We then match these needs and requirements with the right candidate to ensure it's a successful journey together.


Innovation we believe in

With our teams having a keen passion to be at the bleeding edge of technology, we associate ourselves with the products and innovations that we believe will help change the world. That is why we strategically choose to partner with tech giants CISCO, SAMSUNG, LENOVO, DELL/EMC, MICROSOFT, and VMWARE.


Our Partnerships allow us to distribute state-of-the-art hardware and software throughout Australia.

We pride ourselves in our technological innovations and seek to always improve our skillsets and abilities.


Deliver with confidence

Merlin's Group was founded with a mission to deliver unparalleled consultancy services throughout Australia. We approach each of our clients with an intent to truly understand the requirements, as well as clear communications and transparency of how their requirements will be achieved through structured, methodical planning.


Our executive team specialise in project management with a combined 40 years’ experience in delivering projects for corporate and federal government clients across Australia. 

We are passionate about influencing high performance in business. Our team is dedicated in sharing their knowledge to upskill your team and drive growth. We believe that change is the end result of all true learning, and in this fast-paced world, your business should be consistently evolving.