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AGSVA Security Clearance

Australian Defence Consultancy Group (ADCG)

Merlin's Group have Partnered with Australian Defence Consultancy Group (ADCG) to help aspiring Australian Citizens with clean records to obtain an AGSVA Security Clearance from BASELINE to Negative Vetting 2.

Please send an email to if you are interested in initiating an AGSVA Security Clearance Process.**

**NOTE: This does NOT guarantee an AGSVA clearance will be granted.

Key Offerings

 1. ADCG is an accredited member of the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

 2. ADCG sponsors Australian Defence and Government Security Clearances at the 

Baseline, Negative Vetting 1 (NV1) and Negative Vetting 2 (NV2) levels

 3. ADCG sponsorship is not dependent on a Defence or Government contract or task and can be retained whilst on task and during breaks between tasks

 4. Security Clearances granted by AGSVA are recognised within most Australian Government Departments, Defence, and Industry

Requirements and Fees


1. You must hold Australian Citizenship to apply for an Australian Security Clearance

 2. Dual citizenship is acceptable

AGSVA are seeking Australians of good character with transparency and honesty throughout the clearance process and beyond.


Available upon requst

Apply for an AGSVA Security Clearance

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