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Frequently Asked Questions

Timesheet Submission Process

Before we can pay our Contractors, Merlin’s Group require a timesheet that is signed (hand-written, digitally, or authorising email) by the nominated delegate from the Client. By definition, a timesheet is not considered valid unless it has the signature (hand-written, digitally, or authorising email) from the nominated delegate. A valid timesheet must contain the following elements at the very least:

  1. Date(s) of which the Services were performed; and

  2. Name of nominated delegate approver.


Please ensure you submit your approved timesheet to the following address:

Payment timing and Frequency

Merlin’s Group process payruns on a weekly basis for the work performed during the previous week. Payruns are processed every Wednesday and you will need to provide Merlin’s Group with a valid timesheet by close-of-business (5:30PM) every Tuesday. If you miss submitting your timesheet by Tuesday, an emergency payrun will be run every Friday as required.

Since Bank's typically take about 24hrs to security-check transactions, you will likely be paid on the Thursday following the Wednesday processing.

Initial Banking Setup

You will also find an initial transaction of $1.00 in your bank account from MERLINS GROUP PTY. This is to navigate around the Banking Systems’ Security Withholding which can delay transactions by up to five (5) business days when transferring funds to a new account.

Payroll System

Merlin’s Group utilise Xero as our Payroll System. Through Xero, you will be able to:

  1. View Earnings YTD;

  2. View Overall Salary;

  3. View Your Next Payment Date;

  4. View and Download all Payslips that have been actioned through Merlin’s Group;

  5. Update your personal details (Phone Number, Mailing Address, etc);

  6. View and Submit Leave Requests (not applicable);


You have been sent an invite to the Xero System. Think link to navigate to Xero is:


Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or queries related to payroll.

PAYG Tax, Superannuation, and Salary Sacrificing

Merlin’s Group will handle all items related to PAYG Tax, Superannuation, and Salary Sacrificing on your behalf. These will be automatically processed each week and included in your payslip.

End of Financial Year (EOFY)

At the End of each Financial Year, Merlin’s Group will pre-load your financial data into the Australian Tax Office (ATO) systems. You will also receive a copy of your final payslip for that Financial Year to allow you to submit your tax return as quickly as possible.

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