In partnership with EasiFleet, Merlin’s Group can offer you an exclusive deal and help you save more money with an Easi Novated Lease.

In our many years’ experience as contractors and working with contractors, we have discovered that a Novated Lease makes vehicle ownership a money saving solution. That’s why we have Strategically Partnered with EasiFleet and as a benefit to this partnership; negotiated an exclusive deal for our contractors.


What's a Novated Lease?

A Novated Lease is a three party agreement between the driver, the employer and Easi. The driver enters into a finance lease with Easi and then a novation agreement is used to transfer some of the lease obligations to the employer. Once the novation agreement is in place, the employer is leasing the car.


This allows the car to be treated like a company car which provides significant income tax and GST savings to the driver. To maintain the Novated Lease, the employer deducts the regular payment from your salary, and then remits this amount to Easi to pay for all the car’s running costs. We will help to monitor the driving habits and car expenses to ensure the Novated Lease budget stays on track.

TL;DR: Reduced income tax, No GST on the purchase price, Fleet discounted running costs.

How do you save?

Repayments are made from pre-tax salary dollars instead of your out-of-pocket expenses from post-tax dollars. When talking about cars, small savings each week is a significant tax saving over the life of the lease.

One of our experienced staff can talk you through your options when you register with Merlin’s Group.