Benefits of working with us

1. More Money in YOUR pocket: we're interested in your quality, not your money which is why our fees are as low as 10%.

2. Guidance and Assistance: we're here to help you! We're Contractors ourselves so we'll have all the tools to deal with whatever issue or concern you may have.

3. Simplicity: We make the transition from normal life to Contractor as seamless as possible. You won't be able to to tell the difference (except a much higher pay rate) when you work with Merlin's Group.

4. Automated Payroll: We pay our Contractors every week to ensure their cash flow is secure. Once you're setup in our payroll system, it takes three (3) clicks to pay you and ensure you're reimbursed for your hard work. 

5. Merchandise: Anyone who joins Merlin's Group get's a free T-Shirt and/or Jumper with the Merlin's Group Logo as well as our slogan "I am. Premium."

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Tammie and Brenton MG Apparel.jpg
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The Wiltshires and Jess MG Logo.jpg