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Technology / Application Architects

Apply before 6PM (AEDT) on: Sunday, October 18, 2020

Australian Capital Territory


Agency / Department

Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Experience Level


Employment Type


Expected Rate (inc. Super)

$120 per hour***

Overview and Responsibilities

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment is seeking multiple experienced Technology / Application Architects to assist with a body of work being undertaken.

Essential Criteria

  1. Specialist advice (TECH 5)
    • Actively maintains recognised expert level knowledge in one or more identifiable specialisms. Provides expert advice in their specialist area(s). Oversees the provision of specialist advice by others, consolidates expertise from multiple sources, including third party experts, tprovide coherent advice tfurther organisational objectives.
  2. Systems design (DESN 5)
    • Designs large or complex systems. Makes recommendations based on associated risks. Reviews others' systems designs for appropriate technology, efficient use of resources, and integration of multiple systems and technology. Contributes tdevelopment of systems design policies and standards and selection of architecture components.
  3. Solution architecture (ARCH 4)
    • Contributes tthe development of solution architectures in specific business, infrastructure or functional areas. Identifies and evaluates alternative architectures and the trade-offs in cost, performance and scalability.
  4. Information security (SCTY 3)
    • Communicates information security risks and issues tbusiness managers and others. Performs basic risk assessments for small information systems. Contributes tvulnerability assessments. Applies and maintains specific security controls as required by organisational policy and local risk assessments.
  5. Emerging technology monitoring (EMRG 6)
    • Leads the identification and assessment of new and emerging technologies and the evaluation of the potential impacts, threats and opportunities. Creates technology roadmaps which align organisational plans with emerging technology solutions. Engages with, and influences, relevant stakeholders tobtain organisational commitment troadmaps.
  6. Have experience in designing and implementing applications from ground up including application architecture, application design, database design and development
  7. Previous experience as a developer before becoming an architect is essential
  8. Be up tdate in the latest technologies
  9. Have experience in implementing systems on premises and Cloud
  10. Have experience in PaaS and SaaS solutions
  11. Have knowledge and experience in architecting for maintenance and application performance
  12. Have knowledge in application design patterns and application development patterns
  13. Understand networking concepts
  14. Understand authorisation frameworks and well as authentication mechanisms
  15. Be able twork in an agile, virtual team environment
  16. Be able tcollaborate effectively with business and IT stakeholders
  17. Have excellent communication and presentation skills
  18. Have the following essential skillsets and skill levels outlined below.

Desired Criteria

  1. Consultancy (CNSL 5)
    • Takes responsibility for understanding client requirements. Identifies, evaluates and recommends options, implementing if required. Collaborates with, and facilitates stakeholder groups. Seeks tfully address client needs, enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of client personnel, by ensuring that proposed solutions are properly understood and appropriately exploited.
  2. Requirements definition and management (REQM 4)
    • Contributes tselection of the requirements approach for projects, selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches. Defines and manages scoping, requirements definition and prioritisation activities for initiatives of medium size and complexity.
  3. Enterprise and business architecture (STPL 5)
    • Contributes tthe creation and review of a systems capability strategy which meets the strategic requirements of the business. Develops models and plans tdrive the execution of the strategy, taking advantage of opportunities timprove business performance.
  4. Information assurance (INAS 5)
    • Interprets information assurance and security policies and applies these in order tmanage risks. Provides advice and guidance tensure adoption of and adherence tinformation assurance architectures, strategies, policies, standards and guidelines. Contributes tthe development of policies, standards and guidelines.
  5. Network design (NTDS 5)
    • Produces outline system designs, specifications, and overall architectures, topologies, configuration databases and design documentation of networks and networking technology within the organisation. Specifies user/system interfaces, including validation and error correction procedures, processing rules, access, security and audit controls. Translates logical designs intphysical designs.

Security Clearance


Ability to obtain baseline clearance

Contract Extensions


Two option periods of twelve months each:

  • a. 1 Jul 2021 to 30 Jun 2022
  • b. 1 Jul 2022 to 30 Jun 2023
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